Brother Twain

by Brother Twain

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Recorded in Embassy Court, Brighton & Hidden Cam Studios, Hove.


released February 19, 2017

Miles Heathfield - lead & backing vocals
Marie Rendina - lead & backing vocals
Mary Hampton - backing vocals
Tamana Miyoshi - lead vocals
Damo Waters - drums & backing vocals
Damian McLean-Brown - trumpet
Alister Strachan - trumpet
Will Rumfitt - trombone
Alice Eldridge - cello
Lizzy Carey - violin

Brother Twain - all other instruments & vocals, arrangements, recording, mixing

All songs by A+E Rodes, Miles Heathfield, except (Soleil Vert) & (Sechs) by A+E Rodes



all rights reserved


Brother Twain Brighton, UK

A+E Rodes

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Track Name: Simple Pleasure (Canon)
Come too soon, over eager
Control, not when you're young
This may someday come
Or not

Stay a while
Just remember we fly high on simple pleasure
So stay with me a little longer
There's still time for simple pleasure now

Wild winds blow all asunder
Ride the storm, navigate east
Might get thee home
Or shipwrecked all alone

Stay a while
Please remember we set sail for simple pleasure
So stay with me a little longer
There's still time for simple pleasure
Clear white lines
Shine in shine on, simple pleasure
There's still time
Simple pleasure stay with me
Track Name: They Come In Threes
Orange sun lead me on
Warm my days and then you're gone
Harvest moon here too soon
Candle glow on silver spoon

Push the chair back
Pull the curtain
Take my hand to dance in 3/4
Round and round before you lay me down

Dawn arise fill my eyes
Stir my tea with sugar lies
Track Name: Sons & Daughters
Mata yubi shaburi
Yubi ijiri
Jiri jiri
Sogna la felicita addormentata
La felicita non sai
Sawari yasui nuno

Oh, ain't life unkind? Not so?
Just time and time again
I'll tell you this my son
Not to steal away youth
Or make yours run away
With an older lover
But just to hear you say
Up close and in my face
"You're pale and old and first,
And nothing is ugly"
Oh no, not even me?
Such possibilities
Such dreams
Such dreams
Such possibilities

Figlia, Figlia del mio cuor
Ti ho chiamato
Figlia che non hai, non sai

Such dreams
Such possibilities
Track Name: In Gold
Oh bathe the table in gold
Sash window through sun lights the room
A statue of a small boy
His eyes are looking nowhere at the white wall
And dancing with the patterns in the corner
Golden but still as a tomb
Dry flowers in the glass
A wooden cushioned seat
No-one sits
In the forest nothing grows
A painting hanging heavy on its chain
And the trees within its frame are blue and green
And not all seen
A clock moving slowly through time
And the dust settles gentle and fine
Oh bathe the table in gold
In gold
Track Name: The Starlighter
Star light, come through the waves
Tell me, call through the green sea
Closer, come closer, tell me how

So leave the diamonds in the mine
You dive for pearls but not for me
You cannot grow banana trees
Or help the farmer fill the vine
Or give each day some extra tie
And if you could it would be night
You darken everything you touch
And I won't ask for it no more
There is still someone you can be
But only if it's not for me

Of the sea known to me
Maps and charts but none to show me
Stars, Star light
Made of star light

Into the sun
Look at me now, I'm flying high
Just take one look into the sun
Come with me now
Track Name: Cho Kawaii
A ship's fool drowned in the lovers' pool
Asleep to dream
On the sea bed he lays his head

Hush-a-by rock-a-by
Captain my lover
I keep you I hold you I close you my love

Lullaby, sweet folding song
A silence call
Sleep my love

Hush-a-by rock-a-by
And dream the wrecks back to life

Sea breath to blow the ship and dream
The wrecks back to life

And call the seadogs home
Lover mine
Track Name: The Wanderer
There are cards placed in shop windows
For lovers to go walking
Hand in hand embracing
Soft whispers grow louder
Sound breaking the clouds shake
With the downfall comes the downpour
Over me

I walk the streets I have walked before
When my eyes have cried
I thought the tears were real
I had to think again
And cry some more

Still I'm only human sometimes
And I can taste your heart and your mind
I thought that you were real
I had to think again
And cry some more

I walked the streets I have walked
Time and time again
When my eyes have cried
I thought I saw you there
I had to think again
And cry some more
Track Name: Love No One
I sit and watch the leaves
Dance around in the wind
And I wonder what will I become
If I love no one

I try to get it right
But it always turns to bad
And I know I could never be so wrong
If I love no one

I just know I don't know you at all

I'm taking back the key
And flying through the dark
Like an old thief
I could steal the night's song
If I love no one